Arrival & Dismissal

**Drop-Off & Pick-Up will CHANGE due to the move to the new campus at 4510 Bawell St. Administration is working through the details. Please call the front office for more details.**

The school day for BR FLAIM begins at 8:25 AM and ends at 3:25 PM. Pre-K dismissal is at 3:00 PM.


Morning Drop-Off

Primary campus parents have two options for drop-off:

  • Walk-Up: Parents can park and walk their child to the front door.
  • Drop-Off: Parents can take the carpool line. Students should be ready to depart from their vehicle quickly. If your child has a project or something large to bring to class, please park and walk-up.

Afternoon Pick-Up

Rainy Day Dismissal

  • All students will be dismissed from the front hallway.
  • Cars will pull to the front under the overhang.
  • Students will be called to the car from the front hall.

Please be respectful of our neighbors. 

Parents must never leave their cars while in the carpool line. If you must leave your car, you must get out of the carpool line and park on the street.


Students may arrive between 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM. Students should NOT arrive on campus before 8:00 AM unless they attend extended day before school. Supervision of students does not begin until that time. The tardy bell is at 8:30 AM. All students are to be dropped off through the carpool line at the front door of the school. Students are not to be dropped off on the streets or back parking lot. If you would rather walk your child to the front door, park your car outside of the carpool line and walk up.

If you arrive after the tardy bell rings at 8:30 AM, 
you must come into the office to sign your child into school.


The school day ends at 3:25 PM for students in grades K – 5TH. Pre-K students are dismissed at 3:00 PM.

Bus Guidelines

Bus riders must adhere to all bus rules or will be removed from the bus. Safety is the priority for our bus drivers. They are to contact parents with problems and may also report the student to the principal. The bus driver may write-up the student for behavior problems. Three write-ups will result in a suspension from the bus.

Bus riders will not be allowed to stay at school for carpool dismissal unless we have a written note from the parent stating that the child is to remain at school for carpool dismissal.

Students will not be permitted to get off at other stops or ride other buses at any time. If you must pick up your child from school and do not want them to ride the bus, a faxed notice MUST be sent before 2:30 PM.

Bus riding arrangements are managed by the Transportation Department of EBRPSS and may be reached at (225) 226-3784. 

For information on Tardies, Absences and Attendance, please review the FLAIM Student Handbook.