FLAIM Garden: Relocation Work Day

The FLAIM Landscape Committee, in conjunction with Slow Food, have been working diligently to revive the FLAIM garden. A few weeks ago the Landscape Committee and Slow Foods had a brief work day and discovered termites in the planters in the garden.  The infested materials were removed, and the gardens left vacant.  It was decided that it would be best to relocate the garden from its current location to behind the cafeteria, along South Boulevard.  This will provide us with better solar orientation, a larger work space, and a fresh start away from the chemicals that will be sprayed to eradicate the termites adjacent to the building.  

The process of relocating the garden, building planters, moving materials, adding soil, etc will happen Oct. 8th. Just in time for fall planting!  We will also perform some basic cleanup of the old garden space. 

Join us for the Garden Relocation Work Day,
Thursday, October 8th, @ 4 - 6PM

Claire PittmanComment