Cancer Awareness Week

Dear Parents,

As a school we incorporate opportunities for our children to reach out into the community to help others. This year, we are partnering with the American Cancer Society. Attached you will find some information about how kids can make a difference against cancer and a white envelope.

Our goal is to build awareness about cancer and cancer prevention and also to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Please read through the packet that is sent with your child and talk to them at home about how they can make a difference. Each class will set a goal and track the donations they receive. All Mayflower campus students will participate in the Relay Recess event.

Donations are not required; however, we do ask that you consider giving. All money collected will be given directly to the American Cancer Society so be sure to make any checks out to them. Fill out the information on the envelope and place any donations inside. Send the sealed envelope with your child to school during the week of November 16-19. Also you can Donate Online

The Relay Recess will take place on Friday, November 20, 2015, at 9AM. Family members are invited to attend. If students wish to honor a cancer warrior, they are welcomed to wear a special t-shirt, or to pin the name of their cancer warrior to their shirt for the event. We will have a short ceremony to open the event and a short wrap up to close the event. 

In an effort to make sure that all students have a chance to make a contribution, we are also hosting an art contest for cancer awareness as well as a Hat Day. These events require a donation in order to participate. The art contest requires a donation of 50 cents per entry, and the Hat Day requires a donation of $ 1.00.

Please encourage your child to participate in at least one of these events. We want every child to feel that their contribution matters and is important.

Thank you for all of your support.

Cayla Borruano
Assistant Principal, Baton Rouge FLAIM

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