Frequently Asked Questions

What is immersion?

Immersion is a process of teaching all or part of the Curriculum through the use of a second language.

How does the FLAIM immersion program work?

Our immersion program features the core subjects of math, science and social studies taught exclusively in either French, Mandarin or Spanish. Classes are taught by native speakers of the language. This amounts to 60% or more of the day being spent “immersed” using the foreign language. The foreign language used is called the Target Language, referred to as the “TL”.

What is a typical immersion day like?

 The foreign language teacher is your child’s homeroom teacher. Students meet with their foreign language teacher for about 30 min. in the morning doing daily tasks. All money to be turned in, notes to the teacher, forms to be returned should be sent to the homeroom teacher.

One class per grade level will continue with their foreign language teacher for 60% or more of the day for the subjects of math, science, social studies, and study of the mechanics of the target language.

The other class in that grade level will meet with the English language arts teacher after “homeroom”. They will study reading, writing, spelling, etc. for about 40% of the morning.

The teachers will switch during the day so that those students who had English language arts first will meet with their foreign language teacher for the remainder of the day. The other class will have their block of English language arts then their homeroom teacher returns for the latter part of the day. All students end the day with their foreign language teachers.

Who are the teachers?

All foreign language teachers are native speakers of the language. The English language arts teachers are certified English-speaking teachers. Each ELA teacher teaches both classes at a grade level. Any conferences held include both teachers.

We carefully monitor the students’ progress in their TL. By the end of 2nd grade, we expect the students to converse exclusively in the TL in class and to the teacher(s) in any circumstance.