Baton Rouge Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet (BR FLAIM or FLAIM) elementary school is Baton Rouge's only public elementary foreign language immersion school for grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade*. Academic immersion is a teaching method where the teacher speaks in the target language to teach students the academic material and a second language at the same time. FLAIM students are taught math, science, art and social studies by French, Spanish or Mandarin speaking teachers. 

FLAIM is also an academic magnet. We set high expectations for every student. Our teachers use Louisiana Student Standards as the rest of the state/district public schools, but they accelerate the curriculum so that the students are consistently challenged. FLAIM teachers also use body language to teach the skills and concepts of the vocabulary, mechanics, and syntax of the language itself through song, dance, hands-on activities, art, and play. While FLAIM students spend 60-70% of their school day in immersion, the academic standards are not neglected and students perform above average on standardized tests.

* BR FLAIM has a Pre-K 4 Program that is NOT immersion.