Annual School Events

Open House

Held in September (around the 4th week of school). This is a basic meet and greet for parents and teachers. Teachers will present their class overview, expectations, and general information for parents.

Magnet Mania

Held in October (at Cortana Mall). This is our student recruiting event for the next school year, and marks the opening of the Application Period for new students. Parents and students are invited to help out by talking to prospective parents and distributing information about our program.

Magnet Mania Open House

Held in October (during school). This is an opportunitiy for prospective parents to come to the school and take a tour of classes so that they can see how we educate children. Parents can accompany visitors on the tour and answer their questions about the program, the application process, etc.

Fall Fest

Held in October (on a Friday afternoon). Booths are set up with games and activities for students to play, food and drinks, and a country store, too. Tickets are required for everything and can be purchased in advance.

Book Fair

Held in the Fall. Students can purchase books from the Scholastic Book Fair set up in the school library.

Immersion Excursion

 2015 FLAIM International Festival

2015 FLAIM International Festival

Held in November (during the week of Book Fair). Our school family, prospective parents, and community members are invited to experiece immersion, firsthand. There will be a fun, interactive activity planned in the Immersion languages so that everyone who comes is immersed.


Magnolia Mound's Creole Christmas

Held in December (on a Sunday afternon). Our students sing holiday songs in French and Spanish for the public. There is no charge for admission, and the entire school family is invited to participate.

Christmas Program

Held in December (in the gym). Students perform holiday songs in French and Spanish.

Mardi Gras Parade

Held the Friday before the Mardi Gras Holiday. Students in Pre-K and kindergarten create floats, or ride bikes, and toss goodies to the school in their own Mardi Gras Parade.

Dr. Seuss Day

Held in March. Dr. Seuss hats are available for purchase. Parents are invited to read Dr. Seuss books to students.

Field Day

This day is scheduled on the day before Spring Break. Parents are asked to assist with the activities planned for the students. Field day occurs in the morning, and in the afternoon there is a volleyball game between the fifth grade students and the teachers.

International Festival Week

 This week is scheduled based on when testing occurs. Students research a French or Spanish speaking country throughout the year, and this week is their opportunity to share what they have learned. Displays are set up in the hallways showcasing student work, and information about the country studied. During the last two days of the week, the students put on a program, one day Spanish, one day French, that incorporates public speaking, songs, and cultural dances to share what they have learned about their countries. School family, prospective parents and community members are invited to attend.

Teacher Appreciation Week 

Held in May. Parents are encouraged to help their child find a way to say "Thank You!" to their teachers. PTO is very active during this week, and invites any who are interested to contact them for additional ways that they can be a part.

Talent Show

Held in May (last week of school). This is an opportunity for students to share their talent. Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Comedians, and even Animal Impressionists are invited to audition. This is not a competition- only a way to have fun!

Awards Day

Held in May (last week of school). This is a way to honor the hard work of our students and to celebrate their accomplishments.