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Friday, May 3, 2019, 11:59 PM


2018-2019 PTO Accomplishments

Capital Improvements

  1. Purchased new 20x20 tent for fall fest, no more renting or begging for free tents

  2. Purchased new BBQ pits, UNDER BUDGET so we don't have to borrow pits for day with dads, end of year, any other FLAIM events.

  3. Purchased storage shelves to organize storage spaces above gym, organized storage spaces above gym

  4. Paid for relocation of K-2 playground from Mayflower (got district to cover cost of mulch!)

  5. Paid for relocation of Project fit America from Mayflower (got district to cover cost of mulch!)

  6. Built outdoor classroom using shade sails and furniture from Polk, Mayflower, bought gravel.

  7. Utilized 4-H grants for gravel, equipment, soil, and planters for garden

  8. Received donated chicken coop, installed

  9. Bought traffic signs to help us learn how to use the new campus

  10. Painted the mural on the entry planters, thanks to a donation of paints from PPG and FLAIM Parent Nick Tryforos, mulched and cleaned up entry landscaping and trees in parking lot.

  11. Thanks to Kristin Sanders, FLAIM Parent and Fastsigns, we got a STEAL of a deal to reproduce the Mayflower Mural on a vinyl banner at the carpool drop-off.  Shoutout to Brian Pavlich for photographing and stitching the mural together.

  12. Purchased popcorn machine, cotton candy machine

  13. Moved bike rack from Mayflower campus

  14. Worked with BR Green/Cox to get 25 trees donated and planted for Arbor Day (FREE)

Between discounts, donated materials, and things we got the district to pay for, we've saved about $15,000 this year!

Teachers & Administration

  • Purchased 2 smart boards for classrooms (<$2,000)

  • Purchased ice machine for cafeteria

  • Bought additional speakers for gym sound system, working on finding funding for a full new sound system through the district.

Language Committee

  • Created a print form newsletter that encourages engagement with all languages.

  • Brought in community members to read and talk in the target languages to individual classes.

  • Assisted the teachers in putting on the language cultural days, specifically they solicited a traditional Lion Dance performance and Cajun performers.

  • The Mandarin committee hosted a Lantern Festival family dinner in the Fall.

Community Events

  • Grand Opening

  • Donuts with Dad

  • Tailgate Chicken-Wing Cook-Off

  • Fall Fest

  • Holla-Day Party

  • Muffins with Mom

  • Silent Auction & Social

2017-2018 Accomplishments

Due to the upcoming move to FLAIM's new campus, PTO funds have been used for yearly expenses such as Fall Fest, Teacher Appreciation, teacher lunches, etc. All additional fundraising dollars are being saved for new campus improvements. Over the summer and 2018-2019 school, we will accomplish:

  • Outdoor Classroom

  • Exterior improvements (graphics, murals)

  • Landscaping at entry

  • Exterior sport courts

  • Running Track

  • More Bike Racks

Fundraising dollars will not cover all of our needs so our Grant Writing Committee is also leveraging dollars through grant writing and public/private partnerships.  

  • Operation Flood:

    • Gutted and arranged food for multiple FLAIM families

    • Flood relief 20 flood-affected families (Distributed over $10,000)

  • Language books for libraries at both campuses

2016-2017 Accomplishments

  • Mayflower teacher's lounge renovation (storage, new countertop and sink, repainted)

  • Repainting classrooms at Mayflower

  • Outdoor classroom at Polk

  • Speaker system for Mayflower gym

  • Raised a boatload of money working one of the largest LSU concession stands in Tiger Stadium

  • Pastries with Parents at both campuses