Baton Rouge Immersion Cooperative Meeting, Feb. 9, 4:30PM

Have you thought about where your child will go to middle school or high school and if their immersion education will continue? Or perhaps you have a child that is about to attend middle school and would like to know what to expect? Westdale Middle School and Baton Rouge FLAIM's administrations have formed a group comprised of parents, immersion principals, teachers, staff and community members to help answer these questions!

First Meeting, February 9, 2017, 4:30 PM
Westdale Middle Gymnasium, 5650 Claycut Rd

The Baton Rouge Immersion Cooperative is a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating, expanding and supporting world language immersion programs in the East Baton Rouge School System.  

The intent of the Immersion Cooperative is to bring communities and schools closer together in a spirit of cooperation to solve difficult education problems, improve academic achievement, provide support for teachers and administrators, and bring parents into the school-based decision-making process.  This survey will help us to set up committees and focus groups geared to your own needs and interests, as parents. The information you provide will be used to form a BRIC member directory and a committee task force for each area of need/concern.

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