UPDATED: Carpool Map

Dismissal Changes Begin Tuesday, August 14

  1. Parents wanting to walk up and pick up their child or have a hard car seat to work with (in other words you have to get out to put your child in the car) will go to Bawell and park on the grass by the cafeteria gate. Teachers will be outside with your child(ren). Please make certain that you complete the page that ask if your child will be a “walk-up” child.
  2. ALL PARENTS WILL RECEIVE A DISMISSAL NUMBER. Parent and child should memorize this number. We will use numbers to call carpool students to cars We have a large card with your number that is going home with your child today. Please help your child memorize it. Put the number on your dashboard on the passenger side. Teachers will have a list of students and numbers with them just in case!
  3. No parking in the parking lot from 3:00 until the end of afternoon dismissal.

If everyone will follow these directions I think we can make dismissal more pleasant!

I called our security person and found out that neither the sheriff nor the police will send someone out daily to help with traffic.

If you have questions or concerns about Arrival & Dismissal, please call the front office at 342-6630.

Claire PittmanComment