Direct Busing Petition Form

If you complete the ONLINE form, we can more quickly submit our petition.

The PTO is pressing the EBR school system’s transportation department to institute direct bus routes (rather than transfer routes) for our students. Currently all BR FLAIM students’ only option for riding the bus is via a transfer route. A direct bus route will shorten their bus ride time tremendously and ensure that they are riding a bus with only BR FLAIM students.  
In order for the transportation department to consider direct bus routes, we must submit a petition that includes a minimum of 45 signatures per proposed direct bus route. We are asking that you fill out this petition and get it back to us by Wednesday, Aug. 15th. This is time sensitive, as the school system will have all buses allocated within the next few weeks. Please note that by signing this petition you are NOT COMMITTING TO PUTTING YOUR CHILD ON A BUS. This is only to gather information to turn over to the transportation department so that they can propose direct routes. If you complete the form online, we can more quickly submit our petition.

Claire PittmanComment