Greetings from the PTO Language Committee

What is the language committee?


The purpose is to identify community events, organizations, and/or facilitate events at school that are language/culturally enriching. The committee does not engage in the day to day of school, or curriculum and instruction.

Who serves on the language committee?

It is is made up of three parents and three teachers from each language and a representative from the executive board. Each language committee (French, Mandarin, and Spanish) has a small team of parents, representing the different grade levels, to help carry out the goals decided upon by the Language Committee and the FLAIM administration.  Leading the French committee is Karine Bordelon and Madame Tomson. Sallee Joseph and Liu Laoshi are leading the Mandarin committee. The Spanish committee leads are Ginger Gauthier and Senora Gil, and Hannah Birchman is the chair of the committee. To learn more about the language chairs check out their bios here.

What does the language committee plan to accomplish?

 On August 21, the Language Committee held its first meeting with the FLAIM administration to hash out a series of goals for its first year. (1) Ms. Miller conveyed that her main objective of the committee is to enhance the language experience. She wants the students to see the language in action, to bring people from the outside into the classroom. We are looking for professionals of all kinds (plumbers, secretaries, clerks, lawyers, doctors, etc) to volunteer some time and just talk to the kids about what it is you do in the target language. We also want volunteers who can do read-alouds in the target language. (2) The committee will have a quarterly language newsletter which will spotlight teachers from each language, offer cultural facts, have games/stories in the target languages, and give students opportunities to submit art, poems, stories, etc. It will also include upcoming events both at the school and within the community. (3) The committee will help organize and execute each language’s cultural day at school. (4) The committee will facilitate parent and family events outside of the school to help build community within the languages. (5) The committee will integrate the languages into Fall Fest through cultural activities and read-alouds. (6) Last but not least, the Language Committee will assist the teachers in cultivating a love for reading by providing incentives for reading in the target languages.

The Language Committee encourages all of you in the FLAIM community to participate in events, submit ideas, and volunteer as you are able.

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