September Bear Biz



Since we are trying to get into a steady flow around here, I am sending out the first newsletter of the school year!  We have had a wonderful beginning even with  moving and all that it entails.  Thank you so much for your support and understanding  and patience with us as we settle into our new building. 

We haven’t received our School Performance Score yet,  but the LDOE has  recognized schools that had a top growth in ELA and Math.  In the Florida Parishes  Region we are one of seven schools in EBR that are fact # 3.  I am very  proud of our students and teachers for all of the hard work that they do each and  every day.  Our SPS will be coming out in October. 

Our PBIS committee has revamped our behavior plan for the school.  K-5th grade will be continuing to use the conduct card.  It has been simplified to be much more  appropriate for our students.  Each teacher should have communicated their behavior  plan to you.  There should be positive incentives as well as consequences for each class.  We do not have Bear Bucks anymore.  Nor will we have activities for those who have a  certain number of Bear Bucks.  In its place we have Bear Paws.  There will be a  BearMart for students to use their Paws to get items in the BearMart.  We don’t have this set up yet, but it is coming!! 

This year we have new curriculums in ELA, Social Studies and Science.  Your  teacher should be keeping you abreast of what is happening in the classroom so that  you know what your child is learning in school.  This could be by Dojo or Website.  If you  are not getting updates, please ask your teacher. 

During the first nine weeks, teachers are to schedule conferences with everyone.  Many have already begun these conferences.  You will be receiving notices soon, if you  have not received one yet. 

You are welcome to observe in your child’s classroom at anytime.  When you come in, just inform Ms. Walker that you are here to observe and she will give you an  observation form that explains how to go about observing.  You should schedule to be  in the classroom for no more than 30-45 min.  If you need to conference with the  teacher after the observation, there is a place to request on the form.  Simply give it to  Ms. Walker and she will put it into the teacher’s mailbox.

We do have picture day this Friday.  You should have received the picture day information in your child’s bookbag.  Everyone takes a picture on this day so it is free  dress for everyone.   Below you will find a list of the upcoming events for FLAIM!  Have a wonderful  September! 

Mrs. Miller

Sept. 6 T-Shirt Sale Begins
Sept. 7 Fall Pictures
Sept. 12 Progress Reports Go Home
Sept. 13 PTO Meeting 5:15
Sept. 17 Bosterthon Begins
Sept. 19 Early Dismissal 12:45
Sept. 20 Donuts with Dads
Sept. 27 School Fundraiser Kickoff
Sept. 28 Boosterthon Fun Run

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