Pre-K & Kindergarten Orientation

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Baton Rouge FLAIM family. Your child is standing on the threshold of one of the greatest adventures of life. Pre-K and Kindergarten are important milestones in the life of a child. It is an exciting time for children; a whole new world opens up for them each day, bringing new experiences and developing skills as each child learns to live, work, and interact with others. This first year will have a lifetime effect on your child as kindergarten sets the foundation for school success and beyond.

When your child starts pre-k or kindergarten, you are entrusting the school with a great responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously and will use a highly individualized approach to meet the particular needs of your child while making learning a positive experience. However, this is a cooperative effort, requiring the support and encouragement of both the parents and the school.

We would like to invite you to a Pre-K and Kindergarten Parent Orientation on Thursday, August 8th. Pre-K parents will meet in the gym at 8:00 AM . Kindergarten parents will meet in the gym at 9:00 AM. After a very brief meeting in the gym, you will meet with your child’s teacher in their classroom. Students will not begin attending until Friday, August 9th.

On that day, we will review with you all that you will need to know for this year to be successful for your child. We will have an opportunity to answer any questions you may have for us. Students will not remain with us that day. A staggered schedule has been developed and was included with this letter sent home. The day your child will attend is also included in that letter, so please read the information carefully so that you know when your child will come to school. Staggered attendance is to enable the students to become acclimated to their new school in small groups. Please call the school if you did not receive the letter with your child’s staggered date. Staggered start dates are Friday, Aug. 9, Monday, Aug. 12, and Tues. Aug. 13. All students come to school on WEDNESDAY, AUG. 14!

We are happy to have you with us and look forward to meeting you personally. We are confident that it will be a rewarding and successful year for your child.


Ms. Miller,

Ms. McBride,

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