Parents do not need an understanding of the language in order to help their children with homework. Teachers go over the assignments with the students in class and parents will be able to tell what to do by simply looking at the skills/problems assigned. Homework is given every day to practices the skills, and reading in the immersion language. Those students attending Extended Day will complete their homework first and then play.


Communication is vital to the success of our students - so we communicate a lot. Our teachers strive to stay in continuous contact with parents/guardians so that they create a strong network to support the students. Most communications from the school and PTO will come in the form of flyers, emails, phone calls and texts. Snail mail is rare. If you do receive something from EBR or FLAIM in the mail, it's important so please open it and read it!

School Communication

All students are given a "Nikki" folder that is used for carrying notes, money, newsletters, conduct charts, etc. to and from home. It is the parents'/guardians responsibility to check this folder each day to keep up to date on what is going on here at school. Check the contents of the folder every day!

Most teachers have websites that explain what is happening in class, contain links to helpful websites, and feature a calendar of events/due-dates. In addition, each teacher as an email address. Check out the Teacher's Lounge for more information.


The FLAIM website has a wealth of information about the school, teacher contact information & websites, school & PTO events, calendar, etc. The website is the primary communication tool between the PTO, the school and parents.


Sign-up for the FLAIM E-blast here. The FLAIM E-blast is published by the PTO Communications committee. It is a monthly update that keeps you up to date on school and PTO events.

Facebook: FLAIM Parent Page

Join the FLAIM Facebook Parent Page at facebook.com/groups/brflaimpto/

The FLAIM Facebook Parent Page is a forum for keeping up with school and PTO events, asking questions about times and arrangements for events, sharing general news and announcements, notifying of last minute changes, advertising a get together, and posting cute pictures of FLAIM kids doing fun stuff. The PTO, in conjunction with the administration, manages the FLAIM Parent Page. Before joining the Facebook Parent Page, please read our Facebook Guidelines. 

Facebook: FLAIM Page

Join the FLAIM Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/brflaim/

The FLAIM Facebook Page is the school’s public page. Events open to public are shared on this page: Fall Fest BBQ, Fish Fry Fundraiser. Awards the school has received and fun school activity photos are also posted on this page.

Alternative avenues

Some teachers may use other avenues such as the mobile app, ClassDojo. When you meet your child’s teachers, talk to them about their preferences.


BR FLAIM is a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) School. Teachers reward students with Bear Bucks for having good behavior and being self-disciplined. Each month, students can redeem their Bear Bucks for a PBIS activity and a free dress day. If you have questions about PBIS, please contact your teacher.