Frequently Asked Questions

What is immersion?

Immersion is a process of teaching all or part of the Curriculum through the use of a second language.

How does the FLAIM immersion program work?

Our immersion program features the core subjects of math, science and social studies taught exclusively in either French, Mandarin or Spanish. Classes are taught by native speakers of the language. This amounts to 60% or more of the day being spent “immersed” using the foreign language. The foreign language used is called the Target Language, referred to as the “TL”.

What is a typical immersion day like?

At FLAIM, the immersion teachers are the homeroom teachers. Students spend the first 30 minutes of the day in homeroom completing morning routines and academic review activities. After this time, one half of the classes remain with their immersion teacher for instruction while the other half of the classes meet with their English Language Arts teacher for instruction. In the afternoon, teachers switch so that those students who had English Language Arts instruction in the morning meet with their immersion teacher for the remainder of the day and students who met with their immersion teacher in the morning have English Language Arts instruction in the afternoon. At 2:30, all students end the day with their immersion teachers.

Who are the teachers?

As an immersion school with three target languages (French, Mandarin and Spanish) FLAIM is in the wonderfully unique position to have teachers from around the world.  We have teachers that are from France, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, Venezuela and Columbia. Not only do they provide quality academic instruction, they also provide cultural awareness of their home country.

English Language Arts (ELA) teachers are native speaking English teachers.

Conferences are held with both the immersion and ELA teacher.