French students with books from our French collection

French students with books from our French collection

FLAIM’s ever-dedicated librarian is Doris Mueller. She has a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from LSU, and helping young people find just the right book to spark their love of reading is the most fulfilling part of her job! This year, your child will learn many things about books, stories and libraries. Learn more about Mrs. Mueller.

The students spend time learning library expectations and the proper way to handle books and other resources. Please talk to your children about what they are reading and about book care.

Parents should remind students to:

  • Use clean hands.

  • Keep books away from food and drinks.

  • Turn the pages carefully by the corners.

  • Keep the book in their special book bag or backpack when not reading it.

  • Don’t let anyone mark or color in it.

  • Return it on their next library day.

Students must return each book before another can be checked out. If a book is lost or damaged, the family is responsible for the cost to replace it. Please note that many books are ruined by leaking water bottles. Please show your children how to tightly close the lid and where to store it in a pocket on the outside of the backpack.

Students participating in STEM activities

Students participating in STEM activities

School expectations are followed in the library. If mistakes occur, students are given an opportunity to correct it. If, after two warnings, misbehavior continues, then the student’s conduct card is marked and an explanation is noted. Please discuss these with your child. Your support of good behavior at school helps children understand that your value their education.

Thank you for your assistance and I hope you enjoy reading often with your child!

Accelerated Reader 2019/2020

Points Requirements at 85% Correct or higher:

Grade       1st Qtr.       2nd Qtr.      3rd Qtr.      4th Qtr.              

  2nd              4                8                10              12             

  3rd              8                12              14              16             

  4th              15              25              35              45             

  5th              25              40              50              60             


AR Deadlines:                       Party Dates:       G2-3:         G4-5: Theme:

Qtr. 1:  Oct. 11, 2019            Oct. 17, 2019      1:30pm      2:15pm     STEM

Qtr. 2:  Dec. 11, 2019           Dec. 13, 2019     1:30pm      2:15pm   Holiday

Qtr. 3:  March 12, 2020        March 17, 2020  1:30pm      2:15pm      Luau

Qtr. 4:  May 11, 2020            May 13, 2020      9am           Field Trip B&N