All meals are FREE for those students who complete the EBR Cafeteria Application. Parents must complete an application each year. In order for EBR to continue providing free lunches to all students, parents must complete and return the EBR Cafeteria Application.

Any adult that wishes to eat lunch with their child will pay the full price for the meal:  plate lunch, including milk, is $4.00, and breakfast is $2.25.

Students are permitted to bring their own lunch to school. School Food Service regulations prohibit students from bringing canned drinks to the cafeteria. Commercial lunches, such as McDonald’s, are also not permitted in the cafeteria.



Breakfast, including milk, is free to all students. Breakfast is served from 8:00 AM to 8:20 AM, beginning on the first day of school.

We ARE able to meet the needs of particular food allergies. In these cases, a prescribed diet from the child’s doctor is required.