Recent studies have shown that there is a direct link between music and literacy and language development. Early childhood music instruction improves phonological awareness, refines auditory discrimination, increases auditory sequencing ability, strengthens listing and attention skills, enhances speaking skills, heightens oral language development and enriches vocabulary.

At Baton Rouge FLAIM, music is an integral part of every students day. Over the course of the school year, there are many performances: Magnolia Mound Cultural Christmas, Holiday Revue, Veterans Day and the International Festival.

General Music Classes are held twice a week for a period of 20 minutes per meeting for Pre-K. While Kindergarten through 5th grade, music classes are held two to three times a week for a period of 30 minutes per meeting.

Students learn how to identify the beat, recognize pitch - high/low, tempo, music symbols, read notes, read rhythms, sing Kodaly songs with Curwen hand signs, study forms in music, and learn English, French and Spanish songs as well as songs from other cultures. They also learn and experience how to perform with musical instruments, study different music styles and genres, families of instruments, and musicians from all over the world and from different periods in music.

Pre-K through Fifth Grade students learn to play pitched and unpitched instruments such as boomwackers, hand bells, hand drums, xylophone, claves, rhythm sticks, and other Orff instruments.

Rhythm reading starts in First Grade, note reading starts in Second Grade and recorder playing starts in Third Grade and continued through Fourth and Fifth Grade. Class instrumental performances also take place in the lessons such as performing Latin or World drumming in the upper grades.

2019 International Festival