Due to a Department of Education In-Service that Mrs. Richardson is attending on Tuesday, September 24, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the day to stop by your child’s PE class.


Department Goals

  1. Establish a positive, safe learning environment for all students.

  2. Teach a variety of activities that make physical and health education interesting and fun.

  3. Create maximum opportunities for students of all abilities to be successful.

  4. Create and promote opportunities to succeed in cooperative and competitive situations.

  5. Prepare and encourage lifelong physical activity and good health. 


On the day(s) that your student has physical education class, he/she is expected to wear appropriate uniform clothing for maximum participation.  For girls, shorts/pants are preferred, but if a jumper/skirt is worn, shorts should be under the skirt.  Athletic shoes are the best choice for P E class. For safety purposes, athletic shoes with laces need to be “laced” properly and TIED. Shoes with any kind of a heel and boots are inappropriate for P E class.  Please label all clothing so that lost items can be returned to the student and not placed in Lost and Found.

Doctors Excuses

Your student will need a note from a doctor to be excused from physical education class.  I exercise discretion when a student comes to me with a physical ailment and no note.

Grading Scale

Students are responsible for participating in class activities, discussions, assignments and assessments.  Each class has 2-30 minute physical education classes weekly.  Each 9 weeks your student will receive a physical education grade based on skill progression and attainment, academic assessments and participation.  My curriculum is based upon the Louisiana Health and Physical Education Standards, the SHAPE National Standards, and other curriculums. Grades in Physical Education are E, S, NI or U.  Physical Education grades are not averaged into the academic grades and will not affect the student’s GPA.  The students earn 1-4 points daily.   I present skills/concepts, explain/ demonstrate, answer questions, then let the students practice/participate in the skills or concepts in various situations/ activities. The two daily scores are averaged for one weekly grade.  A daily 4 means the student has mastered or gone above the skill presented. A 3 means that the student is approaching mastery of the skill.  A 2 means that the student is working with some success, but needs improvement.  A 1 means that the student is struggling with the skill or is not meaningfully working on the skill.   When the scores are averaged, usually the student gets a grade of Satisfactory.  If your student receives a NI (Needs Improvement), it is because the student needs to work on that skill a little bit moreit does not equate to a D or F.  Most of our students are being introduced to new skills or task—not all of them are automatic— throw, catch, kick and strike are not skills that most of our students can do when they first come to physical education classes.  Be patient and encourage your student.   Skill assessments let me see where the student is in skill progression/mastery.  Written test and journals will be used to assess knowledge and application.  I conduct fitness testing twice a year and the student gets a participation grade for this.  He/she is not graded on how well they do.  The Cooper Institute Fitnessgram is used for fitness testing.     

Conduct is assessed on the student’s blue class behavior chart. We will be using the East Baton Parish PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support). Each week, your student will receive a conduct chart from his classroom teacher that reflects the expectations we have school-wide.  The behavior charts come to me during the student’s physical education class. The student may receive an X on the behavior form for improper behavior.  

East Baton Rouge Grading Scale

E(4)    S(3)    NI(2)    U(1)

E=Excellent-- Follows directions immediately and accurately, is self-motivated to use practice opportunities fully and effectively.  Performs skills well above the minimum competency level.  Demonstrates positive leadership and sportsmanship.  Frequently transfers learned skills to extra-class activities.  Scores well on the academic assessments.

S=Satisfactory—Follows directions accurately.  Is self-motivated to use practice opportunities adequately.  Performs skills at or somewhat above the minimum competency level.  Demonstrates cooperation and sportsmanship with peers and teacher.  Sometimes transfers learned skills to extra-class activities.  Scores average on the academic assessments.

NI=Needs Improvement—Slow to follow directions.  Shows lack of motivation to use practice effectively.  Performs skills below the minimum competency level.  Lacks cooperation and/or sportsmanship with peers and teachers.  Seldom transfers learned skills to extra-class activities.  Below average scores on academic assessments. 

U=Unsatisfactory—Unwilling to follow directions.  Shows no motivation to use practices.  Demonstrates little or no cooperation and/or sportsmanship with peers and teachers.  Never transfers learned skills to extra-class activities.